awan.yaml Reference

Key Value option Description
version 1.0 File version used. Currently the only version available is 1.0
web The parent key in it is used to define the configuration associated with the application to be deployed.
web.type php | python | java | nodejs | golang | static | aspnetcore | docker The runtime type used to run the application. The choice is one of php, python, java, nodej, golang, static, aspnetcore or docker
web.version The list of versions available at each runtime is in the following table. Version of the runtime used. Each runtime has its own versions. A list of sample commands to run applications based on each runtime is in the following table. The command used to run the application. The command depends on the type of runtime used.
web.doc _ root doc _ root: ./public The folder path used as the location of the bootstrap file. This key is used at php and static runtime.
web.package _ manager yarn | npm | composer This option is used in the Nodejs and PHP runtime. The choices are yarn or npm for Nodejs with the default value being yarn. And give the composer value for PHP
script This option is used to run a command that is needed at the time before the install process or after the install process. The script options only apply to runtime: python, nodejs, java and golang
script.preinstall List of commands that will be run before the package manager is run.
script.postinstall The list of commands that will be run after the package manager installation process.
script.healthcheck The command used to carry out an internal health check application.
storage_dir The directory location that the application needs to store files permanently.

List of runtime versions

Runtime Supported version
php 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2
python 2.7, 3, 3.2
nodejs 8,9
golang 1.0, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13
static ignored
docker ignored

Example of the run command for each runtime

Runtime Run command example
php ignored
python gunicorn -b :$PORT --workers=2 my_web:app
pyhon python3
nodejs node index.js
nodejs npm start
golang go run main.go
static ignored
docker ignored