Instance Pricing Plans

CPU, transfer, storage, and RAM bundled into one simple price.

Standard Plans

TypeRAMCPUStorageTransferPrice per hourEstimation price per month
Intance s-a128 MB0.5 Core1 GB1 TBRp 42Rp 30.000
Intance s-b256 MB0.5 Core5 GB1 TBRp 60Rp 43.000
Intance s-c256 MB1 Core5 GB1 TBRp 66Rp 48.000
Intance s-d256 MB2 Core10 GB1 TBRp 80Rp 58.000
Intance s-e512 MB1 Core20 GB1 TBRp 119Rp 87.000
Intance s-f1024 MB2 Core40 GB2 TBRp 238Rp 174.000
Intance s-g2048 MB2 Core60 GB2 TBRp 449Rp 327.000
Intance s-h4096 MB4 Core100 GB4 TBRp 617Rp 449.000
Intance s-i6144 MB6 Core200 GB4 TBRp 925Rp 674.000
Intance s-j8192 MB6 Core300 GB6 TBRp 1.206Rp 879.000
Intance s-k8192 MB8 Core400 GB6 TBRp 1.223Rp 891.000
Intance s-l10240 MB10 Core500 GB6 TBRp 1.528Rp 1.140.000

Enterprise and Private Cloud Plans

To get enterprise and private cloud plans, please contact us.

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