A Cloud Management Platform to simplify resources management

A Cloud Management Platform to simplify resources management

Awanio CMP allows the enterprise to orchestrate IT Infrastructure: Servers, CPU, Memory, Storage, and Network, across multi-environment and enhance the cloud experience from developer to the end customer.

Who we are

Awanio helps organizations to manage their applications to be able to use the cloud services without the worry of IT Infrastructure scrutiny, by adopting cloud services quickly, precisely, and efficiently.

Why Awanio

Speed-up Development

Awanio accelerates the development cycle from ideas to applications that end-users can directly access without having to mess around with infrastructure.

High Scalability

Awanio makes the process of deployment, configuration, scaling, tuning, and managing applications easy and simple.

User Experience Focused

Awanio provides services that focus not only for the business user, but also accentuate the developer experience (DX) so that developers, can use and utilize the latest technology that can provide more value to their applications.

Modern Application Workflow

Awanio promoting modern application workflows, from the development phase, deployment, until the production environment.

Awanio simplifies the way to adopt cloud services

Ready for, but not limited to, these technologies

We build an abstraction on top of the infrastructure, so it removes technical complexity for you.

Trusted by

We are trusted by following companies and it has been the most incredible journey.


Move your business forward

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