Awanio Introduction

"Simplifying Cloud Services"

Awanio's Journey

Awanio's Journey

Founded in 2016, Awanio was initially built as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider that supports the needs of its clients for hosting applications and data. As our business grows, Awanio's services continues to expand so that we can serve not only B2C but also B2B segment. The services provided by Awanio for B2B clients is Cloud Management Platform that can be installed and used in the business user IT Infrastructure so that business users can orchestrate their IT infrastructure using Awanio's crafted software.

Our Vision

Awanio's purpose is to overcome IT Infrastructure complexity for the enterprise (small, medium, or large scale) by delivering a Cloud Management Platform that can be used in any environment, on-premise, and private/public cloud. Hence, the enterprise can focus on building their application that creates an impact for a better earth.

Our mission is to support sustainable business

We are on a mission to be able to advance companies and local cloud providers to have global competitiveness by using the infrastructure they already have. So that the value of investments that have been made by the company can be optimized.

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