About Awanio

Awanio is a platform as service (PaaS) provider that is engineered to help developers, project managers and team leads with application deployment and management in a production environment.

Awanio accelerates the development cycle from ideas to applications that can be directly accessed by users widely without having to mess around with infrastructure and its support matters. Awanio provides services that focus on the developer experience (DX) so that these developers, beginners as well as very experienced, can use and utilize the latest technology that can provide more value to their applications. And therefore to their clients.

Create Applications, Not Infrastructure

Developing an application that is well-established and capable of meeting users needs is a difficult taks. But setting up infrastructure that supports applications to be ready for broader needs is even more difficult.

Awanio focuses on areas where developers and teams can work optimally to develop their applications without having to distract with the hardware, server and all related matters.

Awanio makes the process of deployment, configuration, scaling, tuning and managing applications as easy and simple as possible. Thus the team can focus solely on developing applications that provide benefits to their customers.

How to Get Started?

To start using the Awanio service, you can start from the Quick Start page.