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Kubernetes as a Service Kubernetes as a Service

Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS) automates the Kubernetes cluster provisioning process in just a few seconds.

Manage Pricing for Kubernetes

The cost for the created cluster will depend on:

  • Pod CPU: price per milliCPU/hour
  • Pod RAM: price per MB/hour
  • PV Storage usage: price per MB/hour

Customers will get additional fees if they enable high availability control plane and fees for Public IP if they choose public cluster.

View Cluster List

On the Awanio Dashboard, you can see a list of Kubernetes clusters created by customers in CMP Awanio, data shown in the list:

  • Cluster name
  • Organization name
  • Project name
  • Number of pods
  • Number of PVs
  • Created date

Quickly deploy Kubernetes Clusters in seconds

Once some configuration is done from the Dashboard, customers can create clusters on CMP in a few steps and customize from there.

  • Choose Kubernetes version
  • Set cluster name
  • Set tags (optional)
  • The option to use a public IP address, can be from reserved IP address, or use another IP that will be selected by the system according to the available address from the IP address list.