Awanio Cloud Enabler Platform
Bring The Power of The Cloud to Your Fingertips and transforms your IT infrastructure to become cloud-ready.
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Embark on a cutting-edge technological evolution with Awanio and redefine your digital landscape in unparalleled style within a single solution us.
Seamless integration
Awanio service allows businesses to leverage the benefits of different cloud services while maintaining a single, unified management console.
Simplifies complex cloud infrastructures
Awanio simplifies the management of complex cloud infrastructures, reducing the complexity of managing multiple IT orchestration tools.
Cost control
Awanio can save costs by providing a comprehensive view of all cloud resources, enabling them to identify and eliminate underutilized resources.
Improve standardization
Awanio provides a single platform for managing multiple IT orchestration tools, enabling businesses to enforce a consistent standard of operations across their cloud infrastructure.
Awanio Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)
Breaking down silos, Awanio HCI builds bridges of seamless efficiency in the digital landscape. Where innovation meets integration, unleash the power to redefine your IT future.
Outstanding Perfomance
Awanio HCI delivers exceptional performance with the ability to scale compute, storage, and networking resources on demand.
Cost Efficient
Awanio HCI provides cost savings with its all-in-one approach to infrastructure that reduces hardware, maintenance, and licensing costs.
Agile and scalable
Awanio HCI is a flexible and scalable solution that can be deployed in a variety of environments and easily adapted to changing business needs.
Trusted and reliable
Awanio HCI has a proven track record of delivering mission-critical performance and reliability, backed by expert technical support and a global network of partners.
Awanio Platform
The interface for end-customers to enjoy the cloud service
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provided by Awanio's CMP to create infrastructure according to customers’ needs in the form of a Virtual Machine (VM).
This is a network-based SSD/HDD storage that attached to a VM as additional storage device. All data is stored on hardware separated from VM and replicated multiple times across different servers.
Bare Metal
A service that manages dedicated bare metal servers by automating the initial process of setup and configuration to improve the stack delivery times.
This service has an advance users and organization management, and access role policy (IAM). It will help enterprise manage access role to the designated resource.
The CMP also includes billing engine and payment gateway (PG) integration. It can be implemented to simplify the payment process according to the enterprise PG.
Kubernetes as a Service
Service that orchestrates a container-based control plane, provisions and deploys clusters, and automates tasks so customer can launch a Kubernetes cluster within minutes.
Awanio Dashboard
The interface to administer the overall experience across the platform.
The compute catalog feature is used to manage operating system and image data that will be used for creating Virtual Machines and Bare Metal.
This feature enable admin to manage Bare Metal service, such as: view, update, and delete the bare metal data created by the user in CMP Awanio.
Bare Metal Inventory, is the feature to manage available bare metal machine/inventory data, so that they can be used by users in CEP.
Price feature is used to manage specification data with a price package that will be used for creating Virtual Machines, Bare Metal, Kubernetes, and other services
Invoice is a feature to view existing billing data for ordering/using Awanio CMP. Admin can print the invoices directly to paper or to PDF document.
The vouchers feature is used to manage voucher data, which is an additional nominal for user credit.
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